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Birthdate:Jan 10, 1982
Location:United States of America
Journal Content
This journal houses my adult, slash and corporal punishment Supernatural fan fiction. Many stories here contain explicit hardcore content and/or explore dark subject matter with at least potentially squick worthy content. If this is not your cup of tea - please do not read.

These stories are primarily centered around Dean and my all-time favorite kink - hurt/comfort, though, be warned that I tend to be light on comfort and more focused on the endurance of Dean's character. While my character obsession is with Dean, the brothers are an inseparable whole and Sam also plays a large role in most of my stories.

I do have many fandom friends here who are not kink readers so all explicit material is kept safely behind cuts. If you’re only joining for the art or a particular type of story, as long as you don’t click on the cuts, you won’t see anything you don’t want to.

My gen and het PG-13 and under stories can be found at The Long Road Home and AO3.


Pairings and Plot
Gen is my primary love in SPN. Few of even my kink stories contain actual pairings outside of forced or cohesive scenarios where I particularly enjoy playing with Dean/OMC(s), Alastair/Dean, John/Dean, Gordon/Dean and evil!Sam/Dean. When I do write consensual pairings, my SPN OTP is Henricksen/Dean and I’ve also fallen in love with Benny/Dean.

I write very few flat out PWPs outside of Henricksen/Dean (who amuse me enough to make me forget I'm writing a PWP). I love case fics and like at least some element of a plot or character study. I'm a huge proponent of Porn With Plot and using hardcore elements for character exploration.

I enjoy all the seasons of Supernatural and do write in all of them, but the majority of my stories take place pre-series through Season 2. For secondary characters, I especially play with Alastair, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, John, Gordon, Henricksen and Rufus.


Fan Art
The art posted here ranges from cute and cuddly to dark and explicit. All are appropriately labeled and full art is placed behind cuts so again you won’t see anything you don’t want to. A lot of my art is done for other people’s stories and includes, manips, traditional and digital illustrations. Most often I do mixed media with some combo of ink, graphite, markers and digital.


Pretty please! I enjoy writing fan fiction because I love interacting with readers and hearing your interpretation of the stories. But feedback on the stories only please – not whether or not you think the kinks are appropriate. If I wrote it, it probably isn't appropriate. If you read it despite the clearly labeled warnings and cuts then you'll have to take that up with your therapist.


FriendingBecause of the nature of the content posted to this journal, even if I think you're totally awesome I will not friend you unless you friend me first. It's not that I don't want to be on your f-list - I'd love to, I just want to make sure you know what you're signing up for so no one gets material they're not comfortable with popping up on their friends pages.

F-locked content here is occasional non-spoilery character discussion for stories I’m working on, project polls and RL posts – mostly somehow pertaining to fandom projects with smatterings of my obscenely adorable critter companions.

If you do want to follow along here there's no need to ask - just push that friend button! While I don’t friend first, I always friend back as long as you look like a real person with fandom, writing, art or kink interests.


Disclaimer As much as I love them, the Supernatural 'verse and characters are of course not mine and the Winchester boys are extremely grateful for that. This is just for fun and the love of SPN. Trust me, I've written hundreds of thousands of words in this fandom and I'm still as broke as ever.

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